IDLife Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Isn’t IDLife just like the vitamins I already take?

No, they are very different. These products are scientifically formulated to help you by providing therapeutic doses of specific nutrients to:
· Restore nutrients depleted by your Rx program
· Help your body resist Rx side effects
· Improve your overall nutrition status thus optimizing your health
Additionally, they have been pre-screened to avoid drug/nutrient interactions that may be present with your current vitamin program.

2. Can’t I get these products at my Grocery/Pharmacy?

No. These products are only available to you through ID Nutrition™. Additionally, no other product today offers these clinically selected ingredients, therapeutic doses, safety, or value.

3. Isn’t this program expensive?

If you were to purchase these ingredients separately at any retail outlet, assuming you could find them, you would pay an average of 30% more without the convenience of the daily packs or assurance of quality.

4. How should I take my ID Nutrition™ Program?

Take your AM packet with your morning meal and your PM packet with your evening meal. If you forget to take the evening packet, take it the following morning with that day’s AM packet.

5. What happens if I miss a pack or a full day of packs?

Take the missed pack together with your next pack. If you miss a day, simply start again. The program is designed to provide optimal benefits when taken regularly so set up a routine and place the pack on your kitchen counter or where you would see them each day.

6. When will the vitamins take effect?

You should begin to see preliminary benefits as early as 10 days. The maximum benefit, however, is usually achieved after 90 days of continuous use.

7. Are these products FDA approved?

Dietary supplements like ID Nutrition™ do not require FDA approval. All of the ID Nutrition™ products, however, are manufactured and marketed under strict compliance to FDA guidelines and mandates.

8. Why are my vitamins this orange/yellow color with speckles, are
they old or over exposed to moisture or heat?

· Natural ingredients have their own unique colors.
· The dark speckles you see are from these natural ingredients. ID Nutrition™ formulations are optimized using curcumin, quercetin, green tea extract and broccoli extract as fillers.
· An additional benefit of color variation is the ease of identification of a particular formula.

9. What is a “filler”?
· Fillers are usually inactive substances that are used in the supplement manufacturing process to bind the contents of a pill or capsule resulting in a stable dose.
· ID Nutrition™ elects to minimize the use of inactive fillers by using the bioactive ingredients curcumin, quercetin, green tea extract and broccoli extract as fillers in the products.

10. How should I store my nutrients?
· Do not store in the refrigerator
· Store in a cool, dry location
· Keep out of reach of children

11. What disintegration rate can I expect from your nutrients?
· Disintegration refers to the physical process by which a tablet or a capsule breaks down into smaller particles after ingestion to permit the ingredients to be absorbed.
· The disintegration rate (disintegration time) for ID Nutrition™ products is generally under 30 minutes.
· Capsules or tablets that are manufactured at low cost often do not disintegrate or do so at such a slow rate they are excreted and
eliminated from the body before they can be of benefit.

12. Are these nutrients kosher?
The term kosher is generally associated with products manufactured or derived from certain animal sources produced in a kosher facility. The only ingredients in the ID Nutrition™ line that are derived from animal sources are the Fish oil, the Krill Oil and the Gelatin. ID Nutrition™ products are produced in several different pharmaceutical grade facilities, none of which are kosher.

13. I’m a vegan, what are the two-piece capsules themselves made from?
Tablets do not contain any gelatin; therefore vegans can take ID Nutrition™ tablets without any problem. However, gelatin in the two-piece capsules and in soft gels is derived from animal sources (generally from bovine).

14. Why are your products better, and why is your manufacturing of products better?
· Other manufacturers of dietary supplements use ingredients with varying degrees of quality. Nutrients should be tested for toxic
substances and any kind of contamination.
· ID Nutrition™ uses high quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are manufactured under c-GMP guidelines (current good manufacturing practices guidelines are issued by United States FDA).
· All of ID Nutrition™ products are tested by FDA approved independent laboratories for quality and potency.

15. What kind of customer service will there be?
Our customer service reps will be trained on general answers and FAQ’s. Any special conditions will be noted and responded to if appropriate. Remember we do not treat, diagnose or imply that we consult on any medical conditions.  Additionally, we have 100% money back guarantee if someone is not satisfied with our product.

16. How do consumers get these products at a discounted price over going to a store? How does IDlife get the product at a discount?
We provide a “custom” nutrition that is competitively priced. We are not the cheapest of the discounted supplier. We supply natural high quality, customer nutrition that in most cases is not even available in stores. We are able to do this at a great price due to our method that does not include individual bottles for each item.

17. What are the ID Nutrition™ commitments to ingredient quality, and what controls are in place to assure clients that their nutritional formulas are meeting or exceeding Industry Standards?
Nutritional supplements have a wide variation in ingredient “quality” and, to a lesser extent, ingredient “quantity”.

A. Quality is Mission Critical and can vary as to potency, purity, solubility and absorbability.
· Potency is critical in that the amount of active ingredient is verified as present in the right bioactive form. ID Nutrition™ Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients are carefully selected, certified and verified using our Pharmacy training and experience to use only those manufacturers that can guarantee the potency of each ingredient. ID Nutrition™ also uses outside independent laboratories to inspect and certify the potency of each ingredient.
· Purity is critical in that all ingredients contained are free of pesticides, herbicides, and any chemical contaminants. ID Nutrition™ ingredients are carefully selected, certified and verified using our Pharmacy training and experience to use only those manufacturers that can guarantee the purity of each ingredient. ID Nutrition™ also uses outside independent laboratories to inspect and certify the purity of each ingredient.
· Solubility is critical regardless of the potency and purity of the ingredients. If the tablet or capsule is not readily soluble, the
ingredients will not be broken down and instead will be eliminated from the body before the nutritional value can be realized. ID
Nutrition™ utilizes outside independent laboratories to verify disintegration rates of its tablet and capsule formulations to assure the pure and potent ingredients are available for absorption.
· Absorbability is critical because once the potent, pure, soluble ingredients are broken down for absorption they are bioavailable and in a form to be readily absorbed into your blood stream. ID Nutrition™ formulations not only use ingredients that are
Pharmaceutical Grade but they are natural as well. Synthetic vitamins may be cheaper and similar in chemical structure but they do not have the same bioavailability or therapeutic effect.

B. Quantity as it relates to nutritional supplements refers to the ID Nutrition™ philosophy of the “Right Dose at the Right Time”. While we address the “Right Time” (Chronotherapy) in another section, we emphasize the Right Dose and believe that “overdosing” of nutritional supplements is as much a problem as “under-dosing”.
· Our formulas provide only ingredients that have scientific evidence (often called evidence-based) behind the recommendations and we provide the level of ingredients as close as possible to the dose used in the scientific studies. Many supplement companies will add many ingredients to project the image of a potent formula but the quantity of each ingredient is minuscule (under-dosing) and far below the level required to deliver a positive therapeutic result. In the Nutrition Industry, this practice is often referred to as “label paint”, or “Big Hat No Cattle”.
· ID Nutrition™ endeavors to use the studied amount of each ingredient but also does not believe in very high doses of nutrients (mega-dosing) where it is assumed if x is beneficial, 3x is more beneficial.  Mega-dosing or “overdosing” is often dangerous leading to unwanted side effects and is even wasteful since “overdosing” is not only a waste of money but the entire excessive ingredient amounts are being excreted.  The amounts of ingredients in the ID Nutrition™ Formulas are therefore kept at a higher
standard with both quality and quantity in their formulas than most nutritional supplements; “optimal dosing” of “high quality” ingredients.

18. Why does ID Nutrition™ give both AM and PM packets?
The evolving science of Chronopharmacology demonstrates that all body systems have a biorhythm or circadian rhythm that serve as physiological indicators that have a “timing” effect on a specific system’s (i.e. nervous, hormonal, digestive, cardiovascular, etc.) metabolism. Nutrients and drugs respond more positively and give a more desired therapeutic effect when given at a time of day that best matches this metabolism. This evolving science is called Chronopharmacology and is generating clinical studies that
demonstrate the certain cancer drugs, cardiovascular drugs and gastrointestinal drugs have a significantly different result if given in the morning as opposed to an evening dose.  For example, since the liver is regenerating itself on a daily circadian basis in
the very early morning, giving antioxidants (i.e. Glutathione and N-Acetylcysteine) to help strengthen and support the liver are given in the ID Nutrition™ PM packet. Since the pain of osteoarthritis is generally late in the afternoon, our Joint and Inflammatory Support formulas show better results if given in the ID Nutrition™ AM packet. By recognizing and applying the science of chronopharmacology, ID Nutrition™ is delivering the Optimal Dose and the Optimal Time of Day.

19. What is Chronobiology?
Derived from the Greek (chronos for time, bios for life, and logos for study), the word used to describe biological rhythms

20. What is Chronotherapy?

Use of treatment timed according to the sensitivity-resistance cycles of the target tissues and organs to enhance desired pharmacological effect.

21. What is ID Nutrition Factor?
A proprietary blend of active botanical extracts added to the ID Nutrition™ Formulas IN PLACE of the inactive inert fillers, flowing agents, etc. used as fillers by other supplement manufacturers. One of the major ingredients of the ID Nutrition Factor is Curcumin. In human studies, Curcumin has shown to enhance the immune system by increasing CD4 counts.

22. What is Chronopharmacology?
The practice of administering medicinal drugs in time schedules that optimize the therapeutic action of the drugs (in consonance with an individual’s biological rhythms). Questions Related to Health Assessment:

23. Where is the scientific data to back up the products? All the ingredients are listed on the FDA GRAS list separately, but does that mean that all the ingredients combined are still good for the customers?
All of our ID Nutrition ingredients & recommendations are specifically tied to the medical studies and the doses are based on the entirely. This makes us the “ONLY” company in the world that actually provides this level of science attached to nutrition. All states are listed and reviewable as part of the ID Nutrition Health Assessment.

24. Why do we not ask for the strength or milligrams taken of each drug?
The two major issues we look at with respect to prescription drugs. First, “which nutrients interact with this drug?” – regardless of how much of a drug a person is taking we want to be sure we block ANY nutrient that will interact with that drug, no matter what strength.  Second, “where the amount of the drug has some bearing on the amount of nutrients being depleted”, the studies that we are able to research with respect to depletion are using average dosage and also often do not give other patient variables, such as age and weight, so we are forced to base the recommendation on the amount used in the study.

25. Why can you not add more of Vitamin C to your program when some people take 3000 mg or more?
Our recommendations are based on specific studies; we are not citing any that recommend 3000 mg. Simple answer – unusual doses such as this must be handled outside the program due to tablet and study data limitations.

26. What is the logic behind the questions and nutrition recommendations from the assessment?
There are over 4,000 algorithms yielding 4,000,000 potential results that are tied to scientific/medical studies. The program takes your answers and relates it to the science in the studies to deliver the recommendations for each person. The studies provide the basis and support for the recommendations given by the ID Nutrition assessment results.

27. I have been diagnosed with OA of the knees and it has been recommended that I receive a shot of GEL-ONE (containing Hyaluronate) in my knee. I have found supplements that contain Hyalurate, Glucosamine Sulfate and five other supplements combined for joint pain; does IDlife have a similar product?

Based on the results of your health assessment, ID Nutrition will address joint health and inflammation. The recommendations provided are completely science based and rely on medical studies for dosing and nutritional solutions.

28. I have a family member that I would like to use IDlife but their medical condition isn’t listed on the assessment. Can they still benefit from the products?
We do not treat, diagnose or state that our nutrition supplements cure or treat diseases. That said, there exist many reports and studies that suggest proper nutrition has beneficial results on many health conditions.